Stashword Tips – Lesson 4 – How to Share an Item

This is your fourth lesson. How to Share Items.
Sharing items is really easy with Stashword iOS app. You can securely share your Netflix or Hulu password etc. with friends and family.
Sharing is as simple as one, two, three. Click on the links to open video.

Step 1: (Sender) Share an Item
Tap to View Video.

Step 2: (Receiver) Pull Down to Refresh
On the receiver’s Stashword iOS app, pull down from top to refresh so that you can view the newly shared item. Or, you can go to the Settings Tab and tap on Sync

Step 3: (Receiver) Accept a Shared Item
Tap to View Video.

Stashword Tips – Lesson 3 – Size Matters

This is your third lesson. Use long passwords. Long passwords are exponentially better than short passwords. Short passwords are bad, irrespective of how many special characters and numbers you use.

Consider the following two passwords. The first one appears strong but is actually a really weak password. Whereas the second one is both easier to remember and a better password.

  • 1. Ab$1#@!2 (✗ Bad – can be cracked under a second by brute force)
  • 2. Sunshine-happy (✓ Good – it will take centuries to crack using brute force)

Stashword Tips – Lesson 2 – Don’t Reuse Passwords Across Different Websites

This is your second lesson. Don’t use the same password for multiple websites. Reusing the same password across different websites is a bad password hygiene. If any one of the websites get hacked, then hackers will have access to all other websites where you have used the same password.

Stashword Tips – Lesson 1 – Remember Your Stashword

We will guide you towards best password practices and show you how easy it is to be safe online.

Your first lesson is to remember your Stashword i.e., your vault key. Your Stashword is never saved anywhere and you won’t be able to recover your passwords if you forget your Stashword. So periodically just recall your Stashword so that you don’t forget it.

Please keep adding passwords to your vault. The more passwords you add, the more Stashword will be able to help you.

Stashword Private Beta is Live

We are excited to have sent out the first batch of beta invites earlier this afternoon! We look forward to feedback from our early adopters.

If you are interested in joining us for the next round of beta testing, we’d love your help. Sign up here.